Judge ends parents’ rights in MN starved boy case 19 Apr 13

ST. PETER, Minn. (AP) – A judge has terminated the parental rights of a Minnesota couple accused of starving their 8-year-old adopted son.

The boy was malnourished and weighed less than 35 pounds when brought to a hospital last October.

Nicollet County District Judge Todd Westphal says he’s not convinced Mona and Russell Hauer, of North Mankato, intended to starve the boy. But he says he’s troubled by their failure to get the necessary medical and psychological care for his eating and other issues.

The judge decided not to terminate the Hauers’ parental rights to their other three children, but they’ll be subject to more proceedings to determine what further services they need.

The couple’s attorney, Jason Kohlmeyer, says they’re devastated by the ruling.


The Hauers still face criminal charges.

  • Frustrated mom

    Near fatal….did you read that!!! Near fatal!! This boy almost died. Call it neglect, a “perfect storm”, ignorance or abuse…it doesn’t matter. For years he suffered and nearly starved to death under the care of these “parents”. Someone should have noticed things weren’t right…friends, church members, neighbors.

    If you suspect, even slightly, that things are not quite right….please report it to someone. No matter how convincing the parents excuses are, report it and let the authorities investigate. You could save a child from a horrible situation and even save a life.