Teachers from IL, MN, NY, PA, OH study Great Lake 10 Jul 13

CLAYTON, N.Y. (AP) – Fifteen teachers from five states are spending

the week on Lake Ontario as part of a research program.


The teachers, from elementary to high school, are aboard the Lake

Guardian, a research vessel operated by the U.S. Environmental

Protection Agency.


The educators from Illinois, Minnesota, New York, Ohio and

Pennsylvania will spend all week on the non-polluting ship that

rotates through the Great Lakes on a five-year cycle. The program is

part of a New York Sea Grant “teach-the-teachers” project.


They’ll work with scientists from the EPA, the Great Lakes Research

Consortium, State University of New York’s College of Environmental

Science and Forestry, and Clarkson University. Tasks include

collecting water and sediment samples.


Part of the goal is for teachers to develop classroom courses and

stewardship projects.