Live Musician Friday 9-13-13 with Jim Austerman 18 Sep 13
  • GS1941

    Wow! This guy can play! Bring this musician back again Tom! Great music! We absolutely loved it.

  • Natilie

    My husband and I love Jim Austerman’s music, especially his new song titled, “This Anniversary Song.” We have Jim’s “Solitary Rose” CD. It is absolutely stunning. We have a request Tom: Please have Jim Austerman back again. We also have another request for next time Tom: Play Jim’s CDs so us listeners can hear the original professional recordings, and do an in-depth interview of Jim focusing on his marvelous composing talent and song inspirations. I’ve spoken with others here in New Prague, and they felt the same way. That would be wonderful.

  • Jared Reinhardt

    My wife and I enjoyed listening to this man play. The song he played called, “Goetzinger Waltz” was absolutely beautiful Tom. You must be very honored. I agree that you should have this guy back on your radio program.

  • Rose E

    Hello Tom. I hope this comment goes through. I tried several times and did not see it.
    I’ve listened to Jim Austerman play at the county fair a few years back. Lots of people, especially our farmer neighbors, (us included), just love his music. He and his wife are a very nice couple, and so polite and friendly to talk to. My husband and I were listening September 13, 2013 to your KCHK Friday Live Musician program, and we wanted to say how much we enjoyed his music. Please say hello to your son Sam also. He is so fun to listen to on his radio show. I guess like father, like son. Many people are so happy that you are back on KCHK again Tom!

  • Rose E

    Boy! You said it!

  • Rose E

    Yes, so many people say that the Goetzinger Waltz is a beautiful song!

  • Rose E

    Oh, by the way Tom, our 43rd wedding anniversary is coming up on November 11th. We would love to hear that song that Jim Austerman wrote and sang live on KCHK called “This Anniversary Song.” We would also like to know how to get that song if it’s on a CD.

  • Peter Borkovec

    I’ve been listening to Jim Austerman’s music for several years.