Gov. Dayton to kick off deer hunt in Fergus Falls 08 Nov 13

FERGUS FALLS, Minn. (AP) – Gov. Mark Dayton is heading to Fergus Falls to help kick off the deer hunting season.

The governor’s office says nearly 500,000 Minnesota residents are expected to hunt deer this year. The season begins Saturday, but festivities begin Friday with the traditional “Big Buck” luncheon.

The lunch is held in a different city each year and is designed to promote tourism that comes with hunting.

Dayton will headline the event but he isn’t expected to take part in the hunt. He’ll wish the hunters well and announce the location of next year’s lunch.

Dayton’s office says about 1 in 8 Minnesota residents participates in deer hunting, which is about twice the national average. The sport generates more than $234 million per year in direct sales.