Clays for a Cause 06 Mar 14

Mike ‘Cold Front’ Kurre MNDNR -

As dedicated sportsperson and sport shooter, my friends in the Bird Bustin’ Babes are partnering with the MN Lady Slippers Pheasant Forever chapter to raise funds for habitat acquisition at Clays for a Cause on March 22 at the MN Horse & Hunt Club, with the first $2500 dedicated to a 600 acre habitat acquisition adjacent to the Veterans Memorial WMA in Wright County, MN. We all feel that helping to secure this habitat will continue to offer public hunting opportunities to not only today’s hunters but future generations. A new or novice hunter, can spend quality time afield with a short drive and good opportunities for success – one of the most important criteria for continuing in a new sport. Here’s the web site:

  • Kristi Backer Palmer

    I can’t wait for the event. It is only a little over a week away.