NP Students at Minnesota Academy of Science and Engineering Fair 14 Apr 14

Students from New Prague High School and Middle School participated in the Minnesota Academy of Science  and Engineering Fair with a variety of projects.  The high school students also participated in the Junior Science and Humanities Symposium, where they presented a research paper to judges in the form of a Power Point Presentation.  The event was held in Bloomington from March 29-April 1. Students attending from New Prague Middle School were Jackson Simones, Julianne Pankow and Anna Prchal. High School participants were Stacy and Vicky Erickson, Griffin Macris and Brian Prchal. Awards were earned by the following students:
Anna Prchal (Grade 7): Certificate of Excellence for Outstanding Scientific Writing from the Graduate Women in Science , The MN Northern Star Sweep Award for the Environment and was awarded a medal for being in the Top 5 for 7th Grade in the research paper competition.
Jackson Simones (Grade 6): Awarded a medal for being in the Top 5 for 6th Grade in the research paper competition.
Vicky Erickson (Grade 9): Wolfram Mathematics Software Award.
Brian Prchal (Grade 11): Richoh Sustainable Development Award for the Greatest Potential for Sustainability and the American Association for the Advancement of Science  Award, as well as a Silver Grand Overall Award ranking in the top 10% of all projects at the fair.
Griffin Macris, Stacy Erickson and Brian Prchal will continue their competition at the International Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles, California Mary 11-16. The Science Fair is sponsored by New Prague Community Education and is advised by Jodi Prchal. Students in Grades 6-12 (next year) who are interested in competing next year can contact Mrs. Prchal at<>.


Pictured in the high school photo is Brian Prchal, Vicky Erickson, Stacy Erickson and Griffin Macris. The Middle School Photo is: Jackson Simones, Anna Prchal and Julianne Pankow.