Jordan School District works to complete grounds projects this summer 13 Jul 15

Jordan School District building and grounds are being spruced up this summer.

Tim Bisek, facilities manager with Jordan School District, gave the Jordan School Board an update on the current and upcoming summer and fall school district building and grounds projects at the Monday, June 8, workshop and school board meeting.

Jordan School District Superintendent Matt Helgerson invited each school board member to take a walking tour of the school grounds and fields to be aware of upgrades in progress.

Besides new green turf at the Jordan High field, there will be new renovations with the ticket booth, bleachers and grandstand area. Near the ticket and concession stand areas, drains are sticking up out of the ground. So the district is working with Minnesota Roadways to come up with a quote to fix this drain area, Bisek said.

“We have got one painting job at the existing stadium and the ticket booth by the parking lot and we are getting two more to repaint those — and then we are looking at the existing press box area above the stadium,” Bisek said. “It is rotting out at the corners and the siding is really bad — we are doing some internal work and putting in new windows to redo the upper level of the press box.”

On the high school practice fields, the district planted some grass seed in low spots. “Then we are in the process of getting some sleeves made to put in that field,” Bisek said.

The goal posts are in, but the one that points toward the east will need to be pulled out before softball season starts.

A second fence behind the varsity softball field will be removed and holes will be filled and grass planted. “That will give us more green space back there to maybe use this fall for football and soccer between Field 1 and Field 2 to open that space up, Bisek said.

“Between the new ticket booth and the grandstand, we are going to pull all that blacktop out of there and put in a new three-inch coat,” Bisek said.

The boys’ locker room will also see some work, Bisek said. In the area where football teams congregate, crews will construct a platform and make an area for players to step down. Crushed rock and railroad ties will frame out this area.

This fall new landscaping will be planted in the back green space where River Ridge neighborhood backs up behind the high school stadium. “We will do some landscaping that go down into yards and they have taken down some retaining walls – we are going to go in there and clean it all up and re-seed that and make it a nice approachable area into their backyards,” Bisek said.

The district is asking for bids to resurface the west side varsity tennis courts at the high school. The plan is to stagger them like that so the district always has a new, playable surface this school year, and in years to come can rotate it back and forth, Bisek said.

This summer the district will add eight disc golf course areas at the high school. The disc golf course will start around the teacher parking lot and go around the school. “We plan on cutting a path through the trees along Aberdeen Avenue a ways away because that is where they laid out the holes to the back of that housing addition, and then follow the road that runs behind the housing addition,” Bisek said.

Over at Jordan Elementary School, crews removed old sand and hauled in new sand to fill play box areas.

New ceiling tile replacement will take place at the elementary in the main office and hallway.

“We are also going to re-stripe the elementary school lots,” Helgerson said. The last time parking lots were painted was two years ago. “We will repaint those ourselves – we can repaint the lines as long as they (crews) are there,” Bisek said.

The district is pouring a cement pad at the elementary school to make way for additional bike racks. Bike racks will be bolted down on the northeast corner of the school. The project is paid for via a state grant.

This summer the Jordan School District added new gardens at each school property with state grant funds.

Jordan School Board Chair Deb Pauly thanked all district building and grounds crews for their hard work and progress on ongoing district projects this summer and into the fall. Independent