$40,000 grant will help reinforce good behavior at TCU schools 16 Feb 17

The Tri-City United School District has received $40,000 in grant money to help reinforce positive student behavior at all four schools.

TCU-Le Center Principal Brian Grensteiner and middle school science teacher Jeff Ballman announced the district received the grant money for the district’s Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports program at the TCU School Board’s Feb. 13 meeting in Le Center.

Ballman, chair of the district’s PBIS team, said that the number of disciplinary referrals has decreased since the implementation of PBIS in the TCU School District.

“It’s all about pointing out the positives … and reinforcements of the good behaviors we see,” Ballman told the board. “The overall climate of the school, the way kids (behave) has become who we are.”

The largest portion of grant money, $25,000, will be spent on materials used to promote PBIS, including banners, awards and incentives for the students. TCU-Le Center hosts a PBIS assembly the first Friday of every month where small prizes are given to students showing positive behaviors.

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