City of Montgomery terminates police chief 31 Mar 17


With a 4-1 decision after a special meeting Thursday, March 30, the Montgomery City Council terminated the contract with Police Chief John Schmidt.

The meeting opened at 7 p.m. Several administrative items were approved for a Czech May Day Celebration before it was closed at 7:35 p.m. to discuss an investigation and employee performance for Schmidt.

The council reopened the meeting at 8:20 p.m., and according to Open Meeting Laws, voted publicly to terminate Schmidt’s contract. Mayor John Grimm made the motion, which councilor Mick McGuire seconded.

When it came to a roll call vote, Grimm, McGuire, Dennis Lambrecht and Brad “Butch” Kubes voted in favor of terminating Schmidt. Councilor Bob Forcelle voted against it. The council did not reveal the subject/results of the investigation.

Schmidt was not present.

Before he closed the meeting, Grimm saw that approximately 40 people were in attendance, perhaps in response to a Facebook post that has since been deleted. The post by “MontgomeryMN Concerncitizens”, told people of an attempt to remove Schmidt from his position, then suggested people attend the meeting to support Schmidt. Grimm deviated from the agenda and permitted people to briefly speak up at the meeting.

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