Dozinky in log house in the park 14 Sep 17
The log house restoration has been completed. The 300 year old exterior logs have been stabilized and the chinking between the logs has been replaced.  A reclaimed wood floor has been installed bringing the floor to the level of the entry thresholds along with a handicap ramp and handicap railing.  The log house has been furnished with donations and in kind donations of items relevant to the 1870′s.  The public is invited to view the completed New Prague Area Historical Society restoration on Dozkinky from 12:00 to 4:00.  The shed behind the log house is coming close to completion and will also be open for inspection.  The shed will house farm related tools and historical items belonging to the historical society along with photographs from the historical society’s collection.  The rough cut wood for the shed came from a remaining stand of the Big Woods on the Edwin Topic Family of New Prague.  The Topic Family graciously donated the wood for the project.
The public is encouraged to visit the log house in New Prague’s Memorial Park on Dozinky where interpreters will guide visitors and explain the history and items in the log house. In addition, the Prairie Quilters and Spinners will be demonstrating throughout the day.