Upcoming Events 10-3-17 19 Sep 17

1.  Heritage Days, Henderson, MN, Oct 7th – 8th

The city of Henderson salutes their schools’ past, present, and future and this year’s Heritage Days! Saturday, 10/7 offers back to school registrations, fun runs, picnics, school tours, all concluding with the Homecoming Sock Hop at the Roadhaus Event Center starting at 8:30. Sunday, 10/8 begins with a breakfast buffet, a worship service, and highlighted by the Classic Car Roll-In encore on Main Street. This event is funded by the Prairie Lakes Regional Arts Council, with an appropriation from the Minnesota State Legislature.


2. Holy Cross Catholic School – Open House, Webster, MN, Oct 5th

Fun for the whole family at this Fall’s Holy Cross Catholic School Open House! Register for pre-school and kindergarten open enrollment, and enjoy live music from the Teddy Bear Band! For more info, call 952-652-6100, or find the flyer online at holycrossschool.net.


3. Scott County Autumn Fare, Jordan, MN, Oct 7th

Please join them from 8:00 to 4:00 this Saturday for the 5th Annual Autumn Fare at the Scott County Fairground. This event is held to promote locally produced food, natural fiber, local farms, and art. Their mission is to provide a venue where local food producers can show their community the products the have raised or created. Music, food, and Fall-time fun for all! For details, call 952-492-2436.