Explosion and fire destroy home 17 Jul 18

An explosion and fire destroyed a vacant home in Montgomery early Tuesdaymorning.

 The explosion occurred in the residence located at 104 3rd St. SW, across the street from Most Holy Redeemer Church. According to Police Chief Lou Sager and Fire Chief Ken Pavek, no one was injured.

Pavek said his crew was called to the scene around 2:15 a.m. He also called New Prague and Le Center for mutual aid.

The state fire marshal, Centerpoint Energy officials and the Montgomery Fire and Rescue, and the Montgomery Police Department are still on the scene. The explosion and fire demolished the house.

Amy Grewe lives two houses south of the scene and was the first on the scene. She said the explosion shook their house and woke them up.

“There was a big boom! It shook everything. It broke my back window, the siding of my house is melted. There’s glass everywhere,” she said. “The flames were way high. It was engulfed.”

 Grewe’s son, Nicholas placed the call to the Montgomery Fire Department. 

When Grewe and her daughter saw what happened, they quickly ran to neighboring houses, including the house next to the explosion site to alert those residents to vacate.

“We’re pounding to get everyone out because a house is on fire!” she said.

 For more, including interviews with residents, read more in the print edition.